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Iran Life Service – about us

At your Service with ILS Toolbox

A service house for a pleasant life in Iran. Enter the heaven on Solomon carpet.

You put-on this Ecosystem before entering Iran. You will be safe, secure, healthy, happy, efficient while you live and work in Iran.

All required services you imagine will be accessible on your fingertip. If you cannot find your requirement in ILS toolbox you can put a request for the support team through ILS contact center by any communication channel -Phone, SMS, Whatsapp, in-App messenger, service order form. The support team will provision your service ASAP.

ILS is available 24x7x365. You can also talk to your ILS assistant at any time during the day and night.

ILS is an umbrella application which gather and integrate all digital and electronic and traditional services for your personal use.

It is an End to End and digital peer to peer secure application which enable you to reach all services in such a way you think you are in your home town. In ILS digital world you can interact with top professional and certified service providers wherever you are in Iran or anywhere abroad. You can monitor and manage all your assets and belongings in Iran.

You can order your tickets, health service booking, your trip planning,

The sample of services are as follows:

ILS professional development team is working on the system to bring new functions every day to serv you -our valuable subscriber-. You will Be in on-line and real time connection with Iranian authorities and pre-organized life service providers. There is no need to be worried about your life in Iran.

Iran Life ecosystem is a beautiful curtain over all hardships of being strange in a foreign country. In cooperation with your company, we jointly will provide you the unbelievable services with lowest possible cost.

Be happy, be safe and be efficient in Iran.

Enjoy your life